• OVERNIGHT PARKING - Stevens Point does not allow overnight parking on any City streets any time of the year.  Should a circumstance arise where you will need to park overnight for a brief period, you would need to notify the Stevens Point Police Department to get permission first.  Stevens Point City Ordinance 9.05(I) 
  • PROPERTY PARKING - Parking is only allowed on solid surface driveways (ie blacktop, concrete, etc).  The City does not allow parking on grass or dirt areas of the property.  This applies to the entire vehicle.  You cannot have even a tire off the driveway and on the grass or it is a violation and you can be cited and fined. Stevens Point City Ordinance 21.03 (13)(a) 
  • VEHICLE LICENSING & REPAIR - All vehicles within the City limits must have current registrations & licenses at all times.  Additionally it is not allowed to have any disassembled, dismantled, junked or inoperable and/or unlicensed motor vehicle, machinery or trailer to be stored or allowed to remain in the open on such a premise for a period in excess of three days.  Please note that Candlewood policies go further than this and do not allow working on cars at any time on the property for liability reasons.  Stevens Point City Ordinance 21.03 (18)
  • OCCUPANCY/LEASING – Unless specified otherwise, all properties in the Stevens Point City limits allow occupancy of two unrelated adults or a family only.  Essentially, just because a place has three bedrooms does not necessarily mean you can put 3 people in there.  In many cases, unless you are a family, the occupancy is limited to only two unrelated adults.  For your convenience, Candlewood lists the number of unrelated people each apartment is licensed for on our website in the individual listing (  Stevens Point Family Definition – Chapter 23 Zoning, Page 112 
  • NOISE VIOLATIONS – Excessive noise that is a disturbance to others is not allowed and you can be cited and fined by the City should they receive reports that are found to legitimate.  This includes, but is not limited to voices, music, radios, etc. Stevens Point City Ordinance 21.03 (14) 
  • EXTERIOR FURNITURE– Any furniture that is designed for interior use, cannot be used or stored in an area exposed to the weather.  For example, you can’t put a living room sofa or chair out on the front porch.  If caught you will be cited and fined by the City.  Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03 (9)  
  • LITTERING – Littering of any kind is not allowed.  Doing so can result in a fine and/or jail time.  Stevens Point Ordinance 24.06 
  • SNOW/ICE REMOVAL – Sidewalks must be fully cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours of the snowfall ending.  The entire sidewalk, edge to edge, must be shoveled – you can’t simply shovel a “path” to walk through.  If there is ice, you must take steps to mitigate slipping by applying a commercial ice melt, sand, etc.  If the walks are not shoveled in the required time, the City will do it and you will be charged per linear foot for them shoveling.  SP Ordinance 16.06(1)(2)(3) 
  • LAWN CARE/WEED CONTROL – Lawns should be mowed as needed.  Typically this will be weekly under normal weather conditions.  Likewise, you must take steps to minimize and/or eliminate noxious weed issues.  Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03(17)
  • GARBAGE & RECYCLING CARTS – In Stevens Point, properties with three or less units must use the City approved garbage and recycling carts.  The ones with the brown lids are for garbage, the green lids is comingled recycling.  All garbage must fit inside the cart with the lid closed. Properties with 4 or more units will have separate dumpsters on site for garbage and recycling.  Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03(4)(b)(1) 
  • RECYCLING – It is against City ordinance to dispose of recyclables in the garbage.  Recycling must be separated from trash and only recyclable materials shall only be placed in the green lid cart that is provided by the city with the lid fully closed for collection. All recyclables may be comingled in the recycling cart.  Recyclable materials shall include all those materials as mandated by Portage County Solid Waste Department (PCSWD) Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03(4)(a)(2a)(2b) 
  • GARBAGE DAY – Carts for refuse and recyclable materials collected by the City shall be placed at the curb and shall be readily accessible for removing and emptying the same day and shall be placed no sooner than 6:00 p.m. the day before collection to midnight the day of collection. SP Ordinance 21.03(4)(b)(2) 
  • GARBAGE/RECYCLING CART STORAGE – Recyclables and garbage carts cannot be visible from the street and recyclables, refuse, or their containers cannot be stored between any structure and the street, except on collection days.  Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03 (4)
  • LICENSING – Every owner of a cat or dog must annually pay the dog or cat license tax and obtain a license.  Stevens Point Ordinance 14.14 
  • LEASH RULES – Dogs must be walked on a leash no more than 6 feet in length.  Additionally, No owner shall allow or permit the animal to defecate upon the property not owned by them or without the property owner's consent (public property included) without immediately removing feces. Stevens Point Ordinance 14.20(1)(2) 
  • PROHIBITED ANIMALS – No one shall keep, maintain or possess any farm or dangerous or wild animal within the City limits.  To do so, would require a special permit from the City.  Additionally, Candlewood would not allow these animals at our properties, even if you were to obtain a proper permit.  Stevens Point Ordinance 21.03(16)(a)(b)