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Did You Know? Understanding Wisconsin's Laws on Notice to Enter Your Apartment

Did You Know? Understanding Wisconsin's Laws on Notice to Enter Your Apartment

As a tenant in Wisconsin, it's important to understand how and when a landlord can access your rental unit. Understanding the laws regarding notice to enter your apartment can help you maintain your privacy, security, and peace of mind. Here are some important facts you should know:

1. Notice Requirements:
Wisconsin law requires landlords to provide reasonable notice before entering a tenant's apartment for non-emergency reasons. In Wisconsin, the state statutes specify that the landlord or property manager must give a minimum 12 hours notice to tenants to enter an apartment, unless the tenant agrees to a sooner time.  It is important to note that notice can be made verbally, via phone, posted at the property, email, or other written form of communication.  

2. Permissible Reasons for Entry:
Landlords are typically allowed to enter a tenant's apartment for specific reasons, including:

- Making repairs or performing maintenance

- Conducting inspections

- Showing the unit to prospective tenants or buyers

- Addressing health or safety concerns

- Responding to emergencies

3. Emergency Situations:
In emergency situations, such as a fire, gas leak, or flooding, landlords may enter the rental unit without providing prior notice to tenants. However, they should still make a reasonable effort to notify tenants as soon as possible after entering the premises.

4. Tenant's Right to Privacy:
Tenants have a right to privacy in their rental units, and at Candlewood, we respect this right when entering the premises. We make all efforts to avoid unnecessary access to the property and only enter the apartment during reasonable hours, unless there is an emergency situation that requires immediate attention.

Understanding Wisconsin's right to access laws are important for both us as a property manager and you as a tenant.   The ultimate goal is to make sure that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect during the time you are living with us.  We feel our tenants’ right to quiet enjoyment of the property is important as this is your home and we want it to be as peaceful as possible.