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Information You Need


This page will allow you as tenants and future tenants to access the forms and information needed to apply for an apartment, help solve any problems or answer any questions that you may have. If for any reason you can not find what you are looking for, or would like to see additional items posted here, please contact us. Please Note: Most of these forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Business Application

This form is the application that business owners should fill out when applying to one of our commercial properties.

Pet Screening Information

Please read this form prior to completing your pet application on We encourage you to complete the information right away, but DO NOT complete and pay prior to being approved for your apartment. Funds paid to are non-refundable and Candlewood encourages you to not pay until your main application has been approved first.



This is a full copy of the main lease agreement that we use for our residential properties. We recommend that tenants take time to read through it prior to signing a lease.

Residents & Tenants Handbook

This guide has been written to assist you in smoothing your way toward a successful and enjoyable apartment living. This guide states the policies of the owner regarding the administration of your tenancy, explains our mutual responsibilities to each other, and contains some hints for better enjoyment of the property. This guide constitutes the rules and regulations of your apartment unless otherwise provided for in the apartment lease in effect for the tenancy.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

The Lead-Based Paint Disclosure is a form that is part of our Lease Agreement. It discloses to tenants that all properties built before 1978 may potentially contain lead-based paint and that there are precautions you should take to minimize any risks.

Check-In Form

This form is for documenting and pre-existing issues with your apartment when you first move in. The form must be returned to our office within 7 days of moving in. Failure to do so means that you accept the apartment as being free of any issues.


Roommate Agreement

Feel free to use this roommate agreement to help avoid problems between roommates. While this contract is not binding through the Landlord, it is a great idea to help keep the important details of renting with others clear to everyone.

Grilling Rules

This form outlines general grilling rules to be used at all of our properties.

Restricted Dog Breed List

This is a listing of dog breeds that are not allowed at our rental properties for safety reasons. Please note that not all properties allow pets. This list applies only to those places that do allow pets.