As a resident with us, you get exclusive access to our Candlewood Resident Benefits Package.  This is INCLUDED with all new leases signed and already part of the advertised monthly rent payment each month.

As part of this exclusive benefits package, we have put together a program of items that bring great value to you as a renter.  Our hope is that these amenities provided by Candlewood Property Management LLC will enhance your leasing experience with us and give you added conveniences that no one else in our markets provides.


    • SELF MOVE-IN ON YOUR SCHEDULE – Moving can be tough to coordinate schedules.  Between arranging help, organizing moving vehicles, and taking time off work, the last thing you want to do is also have to work around our schedule too.  Candlewood has developed a move-in process with you, the resident, in mind.  We give you the ability to move in on your schedule with our self move-in process.  Running late with the moving truck?  Not a problem!  You can come and go anytime after noon on your move-in day whenever suits your needs.  Simply let us know what day you plan to start moving and we will have the apartment open for you or install a lockbox that gives you private access.  Super easy!
    • CONCIERGE UTILITY CONNECTION SERVICE – Move-in day is busy and it is easy to forget the important things, such as setting up your utilities, cable, and internet services.  Candlewood partners with Citizen Home Solutions to take this burden off your hands.  Prior to move-in, our concierge utility service (Citizen Home Solutions) will reach out to you to help.  They know what utilities need to be switched and have the best pricing options for your cable, phone, and internet services from area providers.  We know everyone gets a lot of spam calls today, but this is not one of those calls.  Our partnership with them guarantees that you get this assistance and it is at zero cost to you.  No sales, no pressure, just friendly help to make move-in a breeze!


    • ACCESS TO PRIVATE TENANT PORTAL – In today’s world, we expect to have information at our fingertips 24/7.  That is exactly what our tenant portal gives to you.  From your portal, you can access everything lease-related.  This includes paying rent online, seeing past payment history, your lease documents, and the ability to private message the Candlewood team with any questions or concerns you have.

    • WAIVED LATE FEE – It happens!  Your life is busy and sometimes a payment gets missed.  As part of our Resident Benefits Package, you have the ability to request a waiver of the late fee and save you a bunch of money!  You can request a waiver one time per 12 month period.
    • WAIVED NSF FEE – Much like the late fee, an oversight on your account can happen and you can get hit with an NSF fee.  As part of this Benefit Package, Candlewood will pay the NSF fee that the Landlord’s bank assesses for you!  Simply request the NSF waiver through our office and we take it from there for you.  You can request a waiver one time per 12 month period. (Note: This doesn’t apply to any fee that your bank may charge, just the fee that the landlord is assessed from their bank, which I normally passed onto you.)
    • WAIVED RENEWAL FEE – The renewal process can be time-consuming for our office and typically we charge a $50 renewal fee to residents to handle the preparation and execution of the legal paperwork for your renewal.  As part of this package, we are doing away with that!  Our goal is to have you as a resident for years to come and we want to remove anything that may keep that from happening.


    • ACCESS TO MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY HOTLINE – Nothing is more frustrating than having a maintenance emergency and not being able to get a hold of the Landlord.  That is never a problem when you rent with Candlewood!  We contract our maintenance services exclusively with Pinnacle Repair & Remodeling LLC to handle all regular and emergency maintenance requests for you.  Whether it is noon on a Tuesday or Christmas day if there is an emergency we have staff available 24/7 to help!
    • ONLINE SERVICE REQUEST – We have developed a system in conjunction with Pinnacle Repair & Remodeling LLC that allows you to create, submit, and see completion notes on any repair you send over.  The best part?  We integrated this directly into your tenant portal to make it a one-stop-shop for you to go to do anything resident-related.  Maintenance requests submitted online are automatically queued and given priority when dispatching service techs.  You can also see the history of every repair request you have made.  Our goal is to address all routine maintenance requests in a speedy fashion!
    • PROFESSIONALLY VETTED VENDORS – No one likes strangers in your home, but with Candlewood, you have the satisfaction of knowing that we thoroughly vet out any vendors that we let onto the property.  We make sure that they are reputable businesses that carry the proper licensing and insurance.  We only grant access to reputable, professional vendors.
    • ANNUAL PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE INSPECTION – We can deal quickly with your maintenance concerns when something breaks, but why wait for issues to happen?  We are including a free annual preventative maintenance inspection of your rental as part of this resident benefit package.  During this inspection, our service techs will inspect the areas that may be missed such as leaks under sinks, running toilets, exhaust fan issues, and more.  This helps keep your place in tip-top shape and hopefully catches small issues before they become big ones!
    • WAIVED LOCKOUT FEE – Have you ever accidentally locked your keys in the house or left them at out-of-town friends?  Sure!  We all have done it at some point.  If it happens you can give our emergency maintenance line a call to get access to your home.  Candlewood will pay that bill for you, up to one time per 12 month period!


          • HOME BUYER PROGRAM – We know that for many people, the natural progression is to move to homeownership one day and Candlewood Property Management LLC is here to help!  As your lease is coming to an end and you decide to start looking to purchase, let our office know and we can have our affiliate real estate agents help to show you homes and walk you through the process.  (Note, this does not mean you can end your current lease early, but we can assist with the home buying side at the end of the lease agreement)

Disclaimer:  Candlewood Property Management, LLC reserves the right to modify this benefit package at any time.  Modifications may include the addition and removal of services at any point during the term of the lease agreement.  Any changes to pricing will only take place at the time of lease signing or at renewal time.  Because this is a special service provided by Candlewood Property Management LLC, these services will only be provided as part of your lease agreement while Candlewood Property Management LLC is the management company at the property.  Should Candlewood Property Management LLC services be ended, so shall this Resident Benefits Package.  Should this happen, the amount of this package will be removed from your monthly rent.  This is a required program that is currently built into the monthly rent amount and may not be opted-out of.
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