• What does signing a lease mean?
    A lease is a legally binding contract for the rental of an apartment for a set time period at a set price. Breaking a lease will typically carry with it penalties and costs associated with trying to find someone to replace you as a resident. We recommend that residents take very seriously the signing of a lease as it carries the same weight as a bank loan would.
  • What Lease Terms Are available?
    Generally all our leases are for a 12 month period. We do have shorter term leases available on our website from time to time.
  • Do you have furnished apartments?
    At this time we do not have furnished apartments. There is however furniture rental companies available in the area where you could rent complete apartment furniture sets on a monthly basis.
  • What is your rental criteria?
    Because we manage properties for many different owners, often each owner will have their own criteria for renting with them. Each listing on our website will list the specific criteria for renting that apartment. In general terms most owners will not allow rental to those with poor landlord references, those who are registered sex offenders, and those with felony/drug convictions. In addition to this many owners also have income and credit score requirements.
  • How long is your application process?
    We strive to approve or deny all applications within 2 business days. Generally we can do it faster, but what takes the longest is hearing back from current/past landlords and employers verifying income.
  • Do I need renters Insurance?
    In most cases renters insurance is not required, but it is strongly encouraged. The property owners’ insurance does not cover your personal belongings should it be damaged or lost for fire, flood, etc. That is what renters insurance is for. In addition to this, renters insurance may cover you personally should you damage the owners property through negligence (ie a fire caused by you burning candles)
  • What happens if I need to move before the end of my lease?
    Remember that the lease you signed is legally binding for the entire term. If you need to leave early/sublease your apartment you would need to locate a qualified renter who meets the same criteria you did. Once a lease is signed with them, then you would no longer be responsable for rent (unless your sublessor would default). Our website has a sublease section to help you in locating a renter.
  • Do you accept Section 8/Subsidized Housing vouchers?
    Most of our properties do not accept subsidized housing vouchers, but it is best to check with our office once you locate a property you like.
  • What is Your Smoking Policy?
    All our properties are non-smoking within the buildings. This included hallways and laundry rooms. Smoking is allowed outside on the property provided that cigarette butts are properly disposed of every time and not deposited on the ground.
  • Can I apply online?
    Yes, both renters and their co-signers may apply online at this website. Select the APPLY ONLINE link in the top menu.


  • When Does My Lease Start?
    All leases start at 12pm (Noon) on the first day of your lease agreement.
  • How do I report damage/cleaning needs I find upon move in?
    Upon move in we require that all renters complete a move-in report that lists the condition of the property when you started your lease. This is compared to the property at move out to insure that you are not held responsible for any damage that was present when your lease started. This form is due back at our office anytime within the first 7 days of your lease. This being said, if there is damage repairs or cleaning that you think we may have missed, we ask that you contact our office at 715-344-7524 to report this so we may come and address it.


  • How do I pay Rent?
    Rent can be paid one of three ways: 1) Online via your tenant portal 2) Mailed to our office 32) Dropped off in person or in our drop box. Our office address is 1004 First Street Suite 4 Stevens Point, WI 544811
  • Can I pay my rent online?
    Yes! Rent can be paid at any time via your tenant portal on our website.
  • When is rent due?
    Rent is due on or before the 1st of each month, unless your lease states otherwise. After this date late fees will occur.
  • What is the late fee?
    Late fees can vary from property to property so it is best to check your lease agreement for specific amounts. In general terms it is typically about $50 per month.
  • I received a 5-day notice to pay rent. What is this?
    A 5-day notice to pay or quit is giving you a period of 5 days to pay in full the rent or monies owed or to vacate the property. Failure to do so may mean that the Landlord can terminate your lease and seek an official court ordered eviction. This notice typically is your one-time grace period to catch up on money owed. If you fail to pay rent at any point in the next 12 months, the Landlord is not required to give you another notice, but can go directly to a court ordered eviction.
  • I received a 14-day notice to vacate. What is this?
    A 14-day notice to vacate means that you have been given a 5-day notice in the past 12 months and you fell behind in rent again. The 14 day notice is your notice to vacate. You are still responsible for the balance owed, but you no longer have the right to stay in your apartment.


  • Does Candlewood accept pets?
    Many of our properties are pet friendly. Those properties are noted on our website. Properties that do accept pets will always have an additional pet fee and/or deposit in addition to a written pet agreement. Only pets approved through our office in advance are allowed. Even if your neighbors have a pet, each renter must contact us in advance before getting a pet. There is no “pet-sitting” at any time.
  • What pets are accepted?
    Properties that do accept pets may accept some or all of the following pets: Dogs (some breeds are restricted), cats, fish (10 gallon tank or less), Snakes and turtles (if permanently left in an aquarium).
  • What pets are never accepted?
    Pets that are never allowed at our properties include, but are not limited to, ferrets, vicious dog breeds, ducks, and farm animals.
  • Is there a pet fee?
    Yes. Properties that allow pets all come with some form of a pet fee. Pet fees are not a pet deposit and are not refundable at the end of the lease. Likewise, pet fees are not a pre-payment for damage caused by a pet.


  • Does Candlewood handle maintenance at my property?
    Candlewood does maintenance on many of our properties, but we do have many owners who choose to do their own repairs. If you have a specific property in mind, you can contact our office to inquire on who is responsible for repairs.
  • How do I request maintenance?
    Maintenance requests should be made via your tenant portal on our website. This is the quickest option to get your requests addressed. Emergency maintenance calls should be called into our officeat 715-344-7524 and follow the prompts to get in touch with the on-call technician. Emergency calls are limited to items that require immediate attention (ie flood, no heat, toilet not operation, etc). The one thing we ask is that you DO NOT give maintenance requests directly to the maintenance staff out in the field. Their day is so busy that there is a good chance that it may slip their mind and it not get relayed to the office. Always contact the office to request maintenance.
  • How quickly is a maintenance request addressed?
    We strive to make maintenance repairs within one business day. This is not always possible when we have to order parts or call in a contractor, but we still strive to get in and started within one business day.


  • Where is your office located?
    Our office is located at1004 First Street Suite 4 t in the downtown area of Stevens Point.
  • How do I connect my utilities?
    For all gas or electric start ups in Stevens Point or Plover you will need to contact Wisconsin Public Service 800-450-7260. If you live in Stevens Point and need to start water service you should contact the Stevens Point Water Department 715-345-5260. If you live in Plover and need to start water service you should contact the Plover Water Department 715-345-5254.
  • How do I connect my Phone?
    Local phone providers are AT&T (800) 288-2020 and Charter (877) 304-2364
  • How do I connect my Cable TV?
    The only local cable provider is Charter (877) 304-2364
  • How do I connect my Internet?
    Local internet providers are AT&T Internet (800) 288-2020 and Charter Internet (877) 304-2364
  • Can I install a satellite dish at my apartment?
    In most cases the answer is no. The exception to this would be when you have exclusive access (ie a private house) of the building/grounds. In those cases we do have a satelite agreement and deposit must be made prior to us giving approval.
  • How do I handle issues with my roommates?
    We always recommend that you choose your roommates wisely because as a Management Company/Landlord we do not have any jurisdiction over roommate issues. One resource that may be beneficial to help avoid problem right from the start is a roommate agreement. This would lay out agreed upon rules such as quiet hours, cleaning responsibilities and guest guidelines.
  • When can a Landlord enter my apartment?
    In Wisconsin a Landlord (or their Agents) may enter with a 12 hour notice. Reasons for entry generally include showing a unit, inspections, or maintenance. This rules does not apply in the case of emergencies.
  • Who has access to my apartment?
    Access to tenants apartments is strictly limited to our staff and our approved vendors.
  • Who do I contact at your office when I have a question?
    Look for the Meet The Team link on our website for the various departs, staff and their contact info to help direct you to the right person the first time.


  • When does my lease end?
    All leases end at 12:00pm (Noon) of the last day specified on your lease.
  • What happens at the end of my lease?
    At the end of your lease we will supply you with a move out checklist that will help insure that the apartment is returned to us in good condition. If there are no damages, outstanding charges (ie rent or utility bills), and the place looks great, then we can process a full return of your security deposit. Our goal is always to get the place back in great shape and in turn we can return your full deposit.
  • When will I get my security deposit back?
    In Wisconsin, the security deposit must be returned within 21 days of the end of your lease. Please note that this is not 21 days from when you move out, but rather the last day specified on your lease agreement.


  • Is Candlewood a professional Management Company?
    Yes, Candlewood is a fully licensed Real Estate Company as is required by the State of Wisconsin. Our office employs multiple people who are trained and licensed in Wisconsin Real Estate and Rental Laws. We consistently are going through continuing education to assure we are up to date on changes that affect our industry.
  • Is Candlewood a member of the Better Business Bureau?
    Yes. We at Candlewood think our relationship with our residents is priority number one. We are committed to attempting to resolving problems that arise directly with our residents. Legal options are always a last resort for us.
  • How do I apply for a position with Candlewood?
    Positions for our Company are posted with the Portage County Job Center when they are needed. If you are not looking for immediate employment, but would like to submit a resume for us to keep on file for when a position is available. Please mail it to our office or email it to rent@rentcandlewood.com.
  • How long has Candlewood been in business?
    Candlewood has been handling Real Estate Management and helping renters since November of 1999. We are locally owned and operated. Our owners and employees all live in this community and we support local events and the daily use of local Vendors all in an effort to keep our Community strong.
  • How do I get more information about having Candlewood manage my property? If you are interested in having us manage rental properties for you, select the PROPERTY MANAGEMENT tab at the top of the page. There is contact information and resources to answer many of the questions you may have.
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