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Security Deposit Review

Candlewood Property Management LLC strives to ensure a fair distribution of the security deposit based on all available information regarding the condition of the property just prior to the move-in and just after the move-out. We recognize that there may be situations where you have additional information that we initially did not take into account.

The purpose of this final review is to make sure that you have the opportunity to provide additional information when you are not satisfied with the rationale for the return of your security deposit funds. Once this email is submitted, our review committee will objectively review all information, including your comments, solicit any additional information and/or approval from the Management Team and make any appropriate adjustments. The process will follow the following steps:

  1. Submission of an email to request a final review of the security deposit (by you) within ten (10) days of receipt of the security deposit disposition.
  2. Review Committee will re-assess based on all available information including your account.
  3. Within ten (10) business days of the submission date, you will be notified via US Mail of the Committee’s findings along with any adjustments or explanations.
If you would like Candlewood Property Management LLC to conduct this review, please complete the following information in as much detail as possible.
  • Send an email to requesting a review of the item(s) that you feel were incorrect deductions
  • Include your full name, email address, phone number and the address that you lived at
  • Attach any supporting documentation that you feel helps make your point. This includes e-mails, pictures or any other documents that are relevant.
  • You may also mail this info to this address if you do not have an email: CANDLEWOOD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, LLC
    1004 FIRST ST. SUITE 4
*Include your name and the property address with any supporting documentation that you submit to the Review Committee. All supporting evidence must also be received within ten (10) days of your receipt of the security deposit disposition.*